:: Businesses oportunities.
:: Make product presentations and conferences.
:: Check the customer satisfaction degree.
:: Extraordinary opportunity to find: providers, agents and distributors.
:: Initiate, negotiate or close purchasing processes with sales agents that visit the exhibition.
:: Strengthen relationship with distributors and customers.
:: Brand field presence.
:: The best cost/benefit relation for being part and meeting with the most representative companies of the market.

:: Industrial Refrigeration and Cooling.
:: Air Conditioning.
:: Heating and DHW (Domestic Hot Water).
:: Ventilation.
:: Automation.
:: Air Quality: Clean Areas and Rooms.
:: Insulation.
:: Technical Services.
:: Refrigerants.
:: Regulation and Control Parts.
:: Tools and Accessories for Installations.

:: Architects
:: Engineers
:: Designers
:: Advisers
:: Facility Managers
:: Maintenance Administrators
:: Installers
:: Technicians
:: Agents
:: Merchants
:: Consultants
:: Clerks

Los stands tiene un valor por m2 de $XXX- + IVA, totalmente equipados y con todos los servicios incluidos tal cual se describe a continuación. 
Consulte por otras opciones de participación, patrocinamiento, estadía y turismo.

:: Turnkey stand including exhibition paneling, carpet, lighting, standard graphical valance.
:: 1 desk and 3 chairs.
:: Auditorium with audiovisual equipment.
:: Meeting rooms.
:: Inclusion in official catalog.
:: Invitations and credentials.

:: Security.
:: Cleaning.


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